amazon upboxed with tivo (cont.)

amazon unboxed logo
i started watching a scanner darkly last night. a few things. first i was worried my wife would not know what the “amazon unboxed” folder was there for and would start the movie by accident. no chance…

upon selecting the movie, the system reminds you 2x the policy and you need to select that you would like to start playing the movie. it reminds you of the rules as well (play as many times as you would like in 24 hours from start time).

once playing it plays just like a tivo recorded video. stop, pause play, resume play. cool! the quality is very good. i like to think of myself as an audio/video snob, but i know compared to some out there (with their HDMI and HiDef systems – i’m a far cry). i would compare the quality to a DVD on a standard tv.

if you have a series 2 tivo, internet access and sign up soon – it would be worth checking out (especially for free).


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