wordpress plugins

i have been having some issues with the blog (do not know if it is a problem with the SQL database, the template or a plugin in the system). through the day i have been getting errors with the page and i even went through godaddy and the mysqlphp management page to “repair” the database.

most of what i read stated that there may be a problem with the server (godaddy) or a plugin. i really like the instant upgrade but i have disabled it for the time being while i try to see if the SQL errors go away.

if you see real slow load times or errors on the blog, let me know… thanks and more to come (hopefully this will be the last “error note”).

UPDATE: i do not know if this has been an issue with godaddy or something else, but the system is running very well right now. responsive and login/edit are working very well. more to come. hopefully this is the last!


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