do you have a macbook or macbook pro? ever use it in starbucks or panera and just need to grab a refill or run to the bathroom – though i would not advise it at all, but imagine having a “car alarm/lojack” for your laptop…

iAlertU is a small application that can be loaded on the a new apple laptop and sense when someone moves the laptop (with the motion sensor), touches the keyboard, trackpad or mouse, unplugs the power or closes the screen – it sounds like a car alarm.

imagine sitting in a quiet starbucks and having that blast from a laptop sitting in a corner. people would be looking! the other cool part of it is if you have a new machine with a built-in isight, it can grab a picture of the person doing the offending activity. i even know that some people have hacked a tie-in to email the picture captured – so if the computer does still walk (blasting a car alarm noise as it walks out the door) – you could have the picture to show the authorities.

check it out!


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