i blogged about grandcentral in one of my older blogs (which i think was deleted during a previous upgrade). anyway, it a service that will allow a person to call a single number and have it ring in multiple places.

david pogue (of course), just wrote about the system in the nytimes. this will raise enrollment 10 fold in the next week, but if you are looking for something to “manage” multiple phones – this may be something to look at.

i signed up for it a while back with a NYC number, but have not moved to the area so re-signed up with a NC number (704-817-1029). here is what happens (and some new things they have introduced):

you give this number to friends, family, co-workers, clients. they call the one number and based on a number of things can ring all phones – you just pick up the one you want. the neat thing is it will “see” caller id and direct a call to the appropriate number(s).

you can set voicemail specific to the caller id too – say, your family calls on the weekend, but you need to run to the store. step out and if they call – it will ring your cell and home phones – just grab the cell phone. say your family catches you at home, but you need to run out – on your home phone, press “*” and your cell phone will ring. pick it up, hang up the home phone and continue the call.

no interruption… cool! take a look at it. it does one of the things i believe many of us want – one number, multiple devices…


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