mac os 10.4.9 released

it’s only a matter of time… the latest update of the mac os has been released (check software update or go to apple’s site – this is the PPC version). it includes security updates, time zone and DST updates as well as some bluetooth devices, browsing AFP servers, DVD players, and USB cameras for iChat (now this is interesting).

one thing i mentioned recently was the slow disappearance of the iSight. one of the thing that i find most interesting in this outline of updates is the availability of USB cameras for iChat.

with the release of the real LAST tiger iteration (aside from security updates and patches), leopard is only a matter of time. i’m guessing we will see an announcement in the next month (hopefully leopard will ship up before the summer so those who need to deploy hundreds of machines can do so before the fall and with adequate testing).

as usual, the recommendation is to pop open software update from the apple menu, run it and get all the latest and greatest so you will be ready for whatever apple throws our way in the next weeks…


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