instant upgrade

WOW! that is all i have to day. i came across this plug-in for wordpress called instant upgrade. In the past as I wanted to update or upgrade the wordpress install from godaddy, it was a process (and in many cases required the upgrade be done manually, though not impossible, difficult (and possibly at the risk of loosing many posts).

i downloaded the instant upgrade pluging, activated it, and just tried to run it. i was unable to because the system could not grab the latest zip file from wordpress. a suggestion from the software was to manually download the latest zip from wordpress and put it into the “work” folder. i did that (800k file) and tried re-running instant upgrade again. after about 1-2 minutes a window popped up (for me) saying it was complete. low and behold, 2.1.2 version of wordpress is running!

some users may have to adjust permission on their wordpress folder (which the system tells you how to do it) and then anytime there is a new update I SHOULD be able to drop the latest into the work folder, re-run instant upgrade and ta-da…

anyone with a wordpress blog that they maintain should look at this plugin!

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