dst (daylight savings time) EASY!?!?!

well, a day after retuning to work and finding that about 1/2 of the work we did over the last month did anything, we found that the DST thing was not as easy as many hoped.

microsoft, cisco and sun (among others) released notices and updates on friday the 10th (remember dst changes happened 2am on the 12th) about additional changes, updated patches etc. i discovered as many people did, some fixes brought about additional pains.

in my case the cisco call manager required dst patches, but also updates for newer java-based phones. when some of those were applied phones that had been working reverted back to pre-dst times. at the end of the day (literally) the dst patch needed to be re-applied to get all the phones happy (and some of them required a quick shot in the arm to update the time).

microsoft even re-relased a patch on friday (i believe for windows 2000 server) which we found on monday not all had “stuck”. it looks like we are coming out of the woods. hopefully the fall and switching back will not be an issue…

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