amazon upboxed with tivo (cont.)

i have used my “free” tivo/amazon unboxed to “rent” a scanner darkly – when renting a movie through amazon unboxed, the system makes a few things happen. first, you find the movie/tv show you would like to buy or rent. next you confirm that tivo is an option for receiving the content. lastly, to purchase. once that is done, amazon unboxed notifies you that the file is ready to download to your tivo (that you linked into the system) and should be available to begin viewing in about 15 minutes.

i was at work at the time so i did not see how much and how long it took to show up, but that afternoon when i came home i checked the tivo now playing. low and behold, a amazon unboxed folder with a scanner darkly in it. i did not have time to watch it so i’m checking a few things.

one, a rental – which costs $3.99 appears on the tivo. you have 30 days to watch it before it “self-destructs”. once you begin watching it, you have 24 hours to watch it as many times as you would like, then it self-destructs. as i am explaining this to susie (my wife), she nods and says, kind of like movies on demand…

exactly right, though thinking of it in this way – way too expensive… a few things to consider (especially after renewing a 2 week free blockbuster trial). for less than $20/month i can rent 3 movies at a time from blockbuster. they show up in my mailbox in about 1 business day and i can hold on to them for up to 30 days – watch it over and over etc… turn it back in and get some more… now in the scheme of things all i would need to do it get about 5-6/month to equal what i may spend on amazon unboxed UNLESS, they change the model to compete with blockbuster/netflix in a virtual world.

imagine you pay ~$8/month and can have two movies on the tivo at a time. once you delete one, the next in the queue begins downloading. no mailbox, no store, just the web and a tivo! no management, no inventory, no postage! how could this not be where amazon and tivo are going next… wait and see.

the only thing i can not currently vouch for is the video quality – but it is about 1gb and “high quality on the tivo so it should be just fine… again, more to come.


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