amazon unboxed with tivo!

as of this evening, i got a note from amazon/tivo that unboxed has been released for tivo. i have yet to download something for the tivo, but signing up before April 30, 2007 and you can get $15 of free downloads.

i had accounts with unboxed and tivo as well as have the tivo connect to the home wireless network. i have all the pieces. once i registered the tivo with the unboxed service, our home tivo is available as a home PC (NOTE – if you would like to work with a PC – the desktop client ONLY works on a Windows machine) to receive the downloaded file.

the same “rules” apply. $1.99 for a TV show, $3.99 for a “rental” (keep for 30 days, but only is available for 24 hours after play has been selected for the first time) and about $15 for a purchase. not all content is currently available for tivo, but if you have all the pieces, it would be worth signing up, getting your $15 and checking this out.

i’ll pass along more as i purchase something and see:
a) how long it takes to download
b) quality of the video on the system
c) how the “self-distruct” system works

what i would like to see moving forward is something like NetFlix for tivo. monthly charges, download one-two movies at a time to the tivo (maybe have to delete one before you can get another one) and the inability to burn to another media… it could work!

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