the “mini y2k”

the new york times is calling it the “mini y2k” and without a doubt this “little change” has caused us at Guilford, more of a headache than we anticipated.

the issue centers around the US changing daylight savings time (DST) to the 2nd weekend of march (this coming march 11) until 1 sunday in november (4th) and seems like no big deal. the more i have read about this, the bigger problem it appears to be (e.g. imagine your “peak minutes” on your cell phone bill being off and being charged for “peak” talk time during what you expect to be “off peak”). not a huge deal, but can you imagine millions of customers calling to complain?

appointments, meetings, any computer-based calendar would be off by 1 hour… microsoft has a web page to help with this as does apple.

one of the hardest things to address with this has been the slowness that the big companies have addressed this issue. microsoft and apple only stated things would be fixed in the last month to month and a half, companies like blackberry (if you have a server in your office – the IT staff may have been working OT to get this working) have had issues with their servers and updates… time spent to save time…

auto updates should take care of things, but if you are a home user – remember to check the clock on your machine on the 12th – make sure all is happy and move on from there (until november 5). good luck!


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