iTunes 7.1

this evening apple released iTunes 7.1 (check software update or apple’s support download page. it is a “minor” revision, but at about 28MB, not a fix either.

the release addresses a number of things:

1) prep for appleTV (there is now an option in the preferences)
2) general bug fixes
3) full screen cover flow (which looks great by the way!)
4) what i believe is a vastly improved “find album artwork” option. i had some CDs that have been artworkless over the last months and upon received the latest update – reissued the “find album artwork” command and was very surprised to see good quality – and accurate artwork for the CDs!

all in all, another worthwhile update. i was waiting for the beach ball when launching iTunes on the “big computer” where we have about 4000 songs – but the library update only took a few moments (i would say less than a minute) and was ready to go! not too shabby.

as a side note, apple also released a patch for quicktime which addresses some stability and “security” issues. if downloading iTunes, grab the quicktime update too…


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