i love wordpress

i have been using and playing with wordpress for a while now. it is simple, clean and best of all customizable. the last couple of days i have been looking at changing the look and feel of what you are looking at right now. there are a number of free themes that can easily and quickly applied to wordpress (via a upload to the theme directory and then activating the theme in “presentation” of the wordpress admin).

the thing i have run into most recently is i have been using “hemingway” but i do not know if it is “ahead” of others or behind – but when i try to use some other new templates which i really like, items kind of fall off the page, topics and posts are not displayed etc…

doing some looking into this right now, but we shall see. i would like to find something a little more – well – bright… more to come as i learn more and try some new things.


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