for those who do not know, cisco (yes, that cisco), has a testing process by which you can become certified in the way of the biggest and baddest network monolith in the world. i’ve taken the bootcamp (spring 2006) and attempted the test one time – missed by about 100 pts.

i’ve signed up again for a followup test in the next couple of weeks (march 2007) with hopes of passing and becoming ccna certified (the first in the many possible steps of cisco certification). i’m re-reading all the books from the week-long bootcamp and trying to get my brain back around the things that many ccna’s do not do on a daily basis (hex to bin conversion and the 7 layers of the osi model).

i’m feeling good about this go round though. the biggest thing at this point is that i have much more hands on to rely on than i did last go round. i feel it will come more naturally. more to come as i take the test (and let you all know if i actually pass this time).


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