shuffle gen 2

in an amazing twist of luck, i recently received a silver second generation 1gb shuffle. i have one of the “stick style” white 1gen shuffle too – which i really like (especially for working out) – but the advance of the 2nd gen is just simple, seamless, and overall stunning!

NOW – the clip on, super-small 2nd gen shuffle is amazing! i have clipped it on my shirt while working and just jammed… very nice!

one drawback and reason i still really like the 1st gen – the built in usb connector tip of the 1st gen. it’s an iPod shuffle, but also a 1gb memory stick. i can back up files to it easily and quickly (mac or windows). the 2nd gen requires a mini-dock (it is a headphone type plug on a base which charges and syncs the iPod when connected).

it can fully charge in about 4 hours and will run for about 12 hours on that charge. finding a 1gen iPod is possible if you look at apple’s refurb section – you can pick one up for about $50.

if you are just looking for a 1gb (or more) usb memory stick, target and others have them for as little as $30 – you will not be able to listen to music, but you will be able to back up data and carry important documents in a shirt pocket or on a keychain…


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