iChat without an Apple iSight

an interesting topic came to my attention this past weekend (thanks james). the apple iSight is slowing disappearing – and for the last few months there have been rumblings that the iSight would be discontinued or updated. at this point the discontinued seems to be the way it is going (since the apple laptops and imacs have built-in cameras now).

BUT what if you are not ready to update a machine… this program, iChatUSBCam i heard about a while back, and heard it works for the purpose of using a USB Logitech or similar camera with iChat. the program costs $10 and provides a list of cameras that the software is known to work with – it will get the jobs done.

the iSight is an elegant solution (eBay may be a source to pick one up IF you really want that), but if you are looking for a camera (sub $100) that will connect to a mac, use iChat and allow you to interact with others – iChatUSBCam may be just the solution.

One response to “iChat without an Apple iSight”

  1. james says :

    well now, just look at me on the cutting edge…
    Helemaal niet te geloven!

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