bittorrent climbs into bed with the MPAA (or the other way around)

bittorrent today released a new homepage to links users to legal rentals of movies, music and games.

movies are available for rental for a $2.99 rental. you can watch on ONE computer (a Windows computer – by the way), you can watch it for 24 hours (once it has been started) or keep it for up to 30 days. 30 days or 24 hours of watch time and then poof! self-destruct.

another interesting method of sharing movies (legally), but still not sure if i would want to take the hour to download (best-case), have it on my laptop to watch (for $3) and then just have it vanish.

i keep waiting for Tivo and the Amazon Unboxed solution since at least watching on a TV would be “reasonable”. the only other question will be how will Apple TV change the landscape of watching digital content from iTunes or other media on a TV. the continued question will be what is the expectations of HD content (since that is the way EVERYTHING is going) – how long before you can have your iTunes in HD format? hopefully not too long.


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