second life (what’s the big deal)

there is a program/world that has been talked about for a number of years, but over the last 6 months has received a lot of attention – second life.

over the last years i have installed it, entered, “walked around” and found a number of aspects very annoying. 1) the graphics are very rudimentary 2) the responsiveness of the system leaves much to be desired (graphically it is slow) 3) i’m not an outgoing person that wants to walk up to people and “talk”.

all my complaints aside, almost 4 million people “reside” in second life, companies like CNET and IBM have set up “shop” in second life for meetings, discussions and support and there is a flourishing financial market in this alternate reality. david pogue from the new york times did an article this week on it here.

the word is HUGE, people build and buy homes in second life, people have relationships in second life and it is an ever growing population, so sooner or later you may bump into someone you REALLY know. the group that has built second life speak (in the nytimes article) about it being like stepping into a movie in the coming couple of years – that would be cool!

anyone using second life, have interesting experiences or suggestions – i’d love to hear!


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