iphone (cisco and apple)

cisco and apple came to an agreement earlier this week to share the name iPhone. cisco (through their linksys sub-company) announced an iPhone (a wifi phone which works with a home/business/public internet connection) to connect to skype or yahoo messenger to make and receive calls. great idea, but limited to those “technical enough” to have a yahoo or skype account and in a home or business with reliable and complete wireless coverage.

apple’s iphone is a cellular phone (starting with it’s release sometime middle of 2007 exclusively with cinglar). it has internet features (google maps, weather widgets etc.), but is much different.

word was that when steve jobs was saying the words iPhone on the Macworld San Francisco stage, cisco’s lawyers were in court. after about 2 months, apple and cisco agreed their products were different enough they could both use the name (and drop the suit) and – interestingly enough stated they would try to work together in the future.

the world is a buzz with talk of the iPhone from apple and we shall see what the future holds for products like the cisco/linksys iPhone (i imagine this market will grown through 2007.

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