wwan update (huh)

if you know what this is, they you should be very happy! apple released an update for intel macs to support the new wireless cards from verizon, cingular and sprint/nextel.

i recently had a discussion with sprint/nextel about these cards. they work off the wireless’ cellular network so anywhere you get a wireless signal, you can get online with your computer and card.

we all know that more and more, wireless is available (airports, hotels etc.), but may require payment of some sort and reliability is always a bit shaky. this card, with a good signal and an upgraded “backbone” (which all of the providers are working on right now), will allow cable-modem speeds through a cellular network.

i know sprint was giving away the cards with the purchase of the service – about $75/month for unlimited use. you can see the benefit to someone who travels frequently to places where they may not be sure there is good or any network connection. sit down on a park bench, coffee shop, taxiway (but not during take off please), check your email and off you go.

for someone who is online a lot, needs to be connected and prefers to work on a laptop and already have a cellular account with one of the above providers, check this update and hardware out.

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