buying refurbished

i heard just the other day that Target was going to start selling factory refurbished iPods… Apple opened a refurbished products store where you can get great deals on Apple Products (from laptops to iPods).

Some personal experiences. If you are looking for a slightly older or less expensive product (e.g. the 1st generation nano), check the apple site. you will find it for about $30 off. the products have been apple re-certified and have warranties (which is VERY important). If you are a “hard” user of an iPod, recent experience has shown that AppleCare on the iPod is a good investment (about $40 for 2 full years) – which may be hard to swallow on a $60-80 iPod, but well worth the costs on a full-blown video iPod.

I have not seen Targets’ attempt at reselling Apple Products, but if they sell at competitive prices, are apple certified and have a warranty, I would not see an issue going through this channel. One advantage would be the ability to return the product to one of a trillion stores… Take a look and if anyone sees Apple Refurbished at a Target store, let me know.


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