DST (changes for 2007 in US)

this year, spring ahead and fall back are at different times and this is leading to some interesting challanges. think y2k on a much smaller scale, but still could cause some issues.

2nd sunday in march and 1st sunday in november is when this is all happening. microsoft has made some adjustments and software updates to address the issues in the OS, apple stated that the mac os 10.4.6+ was covered – but this evening, they released updates for 10.3.9 and 10.4.8 that specifically addresses the time and date change (from this point forward).

running the apple software update will present you with all the current updates (java and security are also available) or select the above link for your system to just patch it.

how could this go “bad”. since it is only an hour (not 1000 years as was the concern with y2k) in many cases, it would be an inconvenience, but imagine your calendar program telling you an hour late you have a meeting or you need to pick up the kids from school…

update as soon as possible, just to be on the safe side (and for those that support customers, inform them too – and schedule some time to sit down at their machines and get ‘um up to date).


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