Mac OS 10.5, iLife ‘07, iWork ‘07

in a very interesting twist, apple announced the iPhone earlier this year at macworld, but did not speak of the iApp suites or update the world on Leopard… rumormills are hearing that march may be the timeframe for the series of application updates (mostly because the new iApps rely on a number of core features built into 10.5 to work 100%.

that being said, it would be a great time to see the new OS, and the new applications (since it is not smack dab in the middle of the calendar/school year) where users either need to be cutting edge techies or happen to be buying a new computer to get the new OS.

there is word that a update (the last one in the 10.4 series) may be coming this month or early next month (10.4.9) prior to the full (PAID) 10.5 leopard upgrade. if apple hold its ground, the update will cost about $150 and a “family pack” should be available for about $200.

as for the iApps, the costs are generally a little less ($50-100) and they have been available as a family pack. the “rule” of the family pack is that the program or system can be installed on 5 computers within the same household. for good or bad apple has always not required a serial number for the OS or iLife (iWork has required a serial number in the past). more info as it becomes available.

i’m hoping for leopard in the coming 30 days. what i have seen so far is exciting and though it may not be necessary for the day-to-day user to purchase before the summer, i’m guessing most will jump on the leopard bandwagon by the middle of the year.


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