the RIAA’s response

following steve jobs’ document about fair play and DRM, the recording industry took the note as Apple and Jobs’ saying, “we’re going to license fair play”. it was an option he mentioned, but also stated issues with the licensing of a DRM system – namely that if one DRM method was applied to many systems and many files, one crack of the DRM and you now have opened all the files that use the system.

if a DRM was “cracked”, it would be the responsibility of Apple (or whomever managed the DRM) to correct and remedy the “hole” that has been created. a dog chasing his tail – month by month. apple mentioned that a cd purchased at a virgin megastore or at amazon, does not contain DRM so why do this with everything else.

continued interesting thoughts (and “discussion”). hopefully someone will come up with a good suggestions and good answers as to how to make this work smoothly and with the myriad of different tools and players.

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