amazon unboxed on tivo

in doing some reading this morning i found that tivo and amazon have announced a partnership. in limited releash (and i’m not home so i cannot say if this option has appeared on tivo).

in this article from yahoo, tivo will be rolling this out to customers through the year and it will provide the ability to purchased and download a movie or tv show via the internet right to your tivo box.

i’m not sure what the costs will be (i’m guessing what amazon unboxed is currently charging – $1.99 for a tv show and movies about $9.99 – though they vary).

more to come on this – but i was just talking and thinking about how nice it would be to be able to use something like ABC’s or NBC’s service to catch up on a show (or season) you may have missed using the tivo technology.

i’ve been sucked into gray’s anatomy this year (and boy is it good!), but aside from going to nexflix or blockbuster and renting the previous seasons – downloading the last season of gray’s anatomy via the web seems like it could be right around the corner. the networks (ABC in this case) could use the same technology they use for the online service (so i have to see a few comercials) or it is sponsored by a single company and provide some great content to users and really draw them in…

just some thoughts (off the topic of amazon unboxed). more to come and will let you know if this feature has appeared on my tivo in the coming week.

UPDATE: monday 12th. i have been looking all over the tivo and no amazon unboxed (yet). i’m going to do some searching and see if there is a way to opt into the system, but at this point – my tivo has not been included in the pre-release of this tool.


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