windows vista business (on a macbook)

over the last couple of days i got my hands on vista business and installed it under bootcamp on a core duo macbook (80gb drive, 1.5gb ram).

i allocated about 20gb to the drive and was able to install vista rather smoothly. i have a cd from bootcamp (1.1.2) for drivers, but they are not working properly on the vista side of the house (work fine with XP).

the keyboard is seen, the network card works fine, the graphics seem good, but feel like they could be better if the true drivers were installed, the isight is not working and wireless is seen but i cannot get it to see or connect to a wireless network.

i’m guessing that apple will a) release another beta in the coming weeks that will address these issues or b) we will have to wait for the final release – with lepoard to have it up and running 100% with vista.

if you are interested in using vista, have an intel mac and some time – i would recommend it. vista is a beautiful operating system and so far i have found some nice improvements to XP – but the biggest plus is the graphics… for the mac lovers in the world (who really appreciate the desktop and how it all looks), vista will peak interest.

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