verizon wireless vs. everyone else…

the end of december brought about the end of our cingular wireless contract. honestly, we were glad to see it go. getting the contract going, getting the phones we wanted and basically not having a couple of weeks to spend on the phone to get things working (thanks honey), it would have been easy.

cingular’s service in the area (greensboro, nc) was spotty and just unreliable. that was the first issue. the phones are nice and generally a bit more current than the competition, but that is not all it is cracked up to be.

enter verizon (again). for close to a decade i had verizon wireless service on countless phones – we strayed, trying to “stick it to the man” only to return with our tail between our legs…

the coverage is good, the phones are getting better, and the happiest medium i have found for getting tied into a 2 year contract is costco. yes, you heard me right – costco. buying a verizon phone through costco was quick, easy and we can replace it to our hearts content (though the best rebate deals will only come when you first sign up or renew contracts).

i purchased a motorola q. nice phone and loads of features. i like it a lot! i’ve been thinking though, overkill. i’m not using the data plan (tack on another $45/month for that) and it is a glorified palm. i’ve been eying the motorola razr. i could walk into costco tomorrow with my box and receipt, get my money back and then buy a new phone (sans rebates). can you believe it!

a few notes of warning. first, rebates from verizon – 2-4 weeks. not too bad. lesson learned, make copies of everything sent in. second, rebates from wireless advocates (the middleman between verizon and costco) can take up to 3 months! we walked out of costco spending almost $600 on cell phones. about 3 months later we are still waiting for about $250 worth of rebates (activation, additional rebates etc.). keep it in mind.

would still do it, but just want to make sure you know the facts up front. verizon wireless and costco – good deals to be had!


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