godaddy web hosting

the end of 2006 brought about a change in the web hosting of from startlogic to

i have heard many very good things about godaddy (from kevin rose of and when i saw some of the prices, it made sense. overall the experience has been very good.

there are some nice plus’ that i have seen. the ability to add on tools like wordpress (this blog) and some additional tools are point and click. about 5 minutes later the system in ready to go. i started a blog (some of the topics are the same – just to warn you) at wordpress directly eleventen consulting. i also found there were more errors (not sure why) when uploading to the startlogic account that to the godaddy site. 99% of the time, i can grab my files and upload them to the server – and come back in 5 and it’s done – finished… just the way it’s meant to be.

the version on the wordpress site is newer and get updated frequently (which the 3rd party systems do not do) and in general the system is more robust and responsive than going through the godaddy sub site.

all in all, if looking for a way to break into the internet or just looking for a new home for an existing site, i would strongly recommend

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