airborne – no, not airport

a side note – for those with kids or around kids (especially this time of the year), get yourself some airborne…. here we are, first week of february and a bit of snow on the ground (yep, in greensboro) – but only a week or so ago it was 70!

with the two boys and my wife a bit under the weather i have been working very hard to not get sick. airborne seems to be doing the trick. i have been taking one to two tablets a day. a bit of a snuffy nose, but all in all – feeling good.

tis the season, stop by costco or your favorite pharmacy and pick up a “roll”. at the first sign (or when someone in the house is starting to come down with something), take a couple of those over the week and you should be feeling fine.

comments, experiences, let me know.

UPDATE – SUN: i’m coming down with something – but i believe it will be short lived and mild (i’m optimistic)… airborne and other medicines seem to help, but i figure out the best way to not get sick is stay in a warm 68 degree home ALONE from october through march…


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