windows vista

before the end of this week, the latest and greatest version will be available (Jan 30, 2007) to the masses. i have looked at it and been very impressed with the look and feel of the system – but that could be because it is the most mac-like system microsoft has released.

i have also seen that dell and other manufacturers have begun giving the option of having vista installed with a new windows maching. there are a number of things that i have seen and read about vista that those in the world of windows should be aware of:

vista (with all it’s bells and whistles) requires a nice, new computer with graphic card memory a plenty and some reasonable ram.

here are the versions of vista that are available.

and here are some examples of how your system should be configured to run the system (vista home premium)

lastly, if you are like me and just would not know if you have a pixel shader version 2.x in your graphic hardware (i’m not making this up), check out the upgrade advisor. this will look at the system and give you some tips and which system will work best on your existing PC.

MANY people at this point are taking a step back and just watching and waiting to see how this whole thing goes over. if the buzz grows, i would imagine people will be stopping by office depot or their favorite online stores for a purchase. more to come as it “gets into the wild”

experiences, comments, please let me/us know.

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