years after i initally uttered the word tivo, susie finally saw the light and this fall we got IT. in the last two months, tivo has worked with roxio (for tivo to go for the mac) and the 80 hour dual tuner is surprisingly useful and helpful.

it is easy to work with, seamless and for better and worse it makes watching tv easier… tivo suggestions, season passes and not having to worry about what time something is on and what channel it is on is bliss!

we have HOURS of kids programs that just overwrite after 4 or 5 episodes which is really nice and generally wondering about something for the kids to watch is almost mindless. again, good and bad…

the wonder with tivo is it is a technology that is quite deep, but the interface and technology are so well hidden i have been trying to figure it out for weeks now. daily it checks with “home base” and updates the calendar of programs (about 2 weeks out).

the great thing is if you have 24 set to record weekly and there is a presidential address scheduled more than 24 hours in advance, the system will know not to bother to record the 30-60 minutes that the show is not actually on the air.

if you are looking for a replacement for an aging VCR or would like a DVR (digital video recorder), the systems from most cable companies is a sorry replacement for tivo. again, if looking for a DVR or VCR, seriously look at tivo.

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